Knitted tea cozy for Bodum teapot.

Purple poppy seed head tea cozy.

Purple poppy seed head tea cozy.


I’ve never made a tea cozy before. Mostly because I haven’t really used a teapot much, mostly because I am usually alone, and can’t justify making that amount of tea for myself. My large teapot is still in a box somewhere. This one is a far more manageable size, about two mugs worth, and so given my recent increase in herbal and sencha tea I figured it would be handy to have one to keep it hotter for longer. And you may have gathered, I don’t buy things if I can make them instead.

This, despite how it might appear, is a very basic, easy to make cozy. I guessed the size I needed, and (using what I *think* is double knit, and number 8 [old English] needles) cast on 100 stitches. This made it a lot easier to divide it up for hole placement, for example. It consists of a single rectangle of a 1×1 rib at the bottom, and the rest is a 5×5 rib.

Its finished shape reminds me of the dried poppy seed heads I used to see near my home at the end of summer.

Purple poppy seed head tea cozy.

There are two holes for the handle, simple cast off on one row, and casting the lost stitches back on in the next, as you would for a button hole. You can do this this way because unlike most teapots this Bodum one has a separate glass “bowl” that you can unclip from the plastic “holder” section – you take it off and thread the handle through the holes before popping the glass section back in.

Purple poppy seed head tea cozy.

Purple poppy seed head tea cozy.
Purple poppy seed head tea cozy.

And then the drawstring goes through a row of single stitch button holes, one in the middle of each of the 5×5 rib sections. It is sewn up the front just enough to part for the spout.

Purple poppy seed head tea cozy.

It opens right up and scrunches down so you can fill it, and then you just pull it back up, and tie the drawstring again. You don’t have to worry about it dropping off en route to the table, and you don’t have to lift it off to pour.

The cord is lucet braided, but you could just as easily use a single chain of crochet, or contrasting colour cord instead if you don’t have a lucet.

Purple poppy seed head tea cozy.


I’m quite happy with how it turned out, given that I completely winged the entire thing, just holding it up against it every now and again, and trying to imagine how it would look once it was sewn up and wrapped around. I haven’t seen one like it, anyway, and I do like to be individual. 🙂

Purple poppy seed head tea cozy.


1 thought on “Knitted tea cozy for Bodum teapot.

  1. beautiful. I especially like you’ve used lucet braiding to make the cord…I’ve been fascinated by that for a while now after seeing a girl making some on a youtube video. My husband made me a lucet fork and I’ve tried alsorts of thicknesses and they are all lovely.

    I wish I had a teapot so I could have a go at your pattern here hun…lol…mind you I am very very very rubbish at knitting despite my Mam’s attempts over the years to teach me. I can do pretty much most crafts but knitting is beyond me lol.

    I love your thought processes with all your creations…keep them coming I’ll def be watching your blog for new ones 🙂 C.x

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