Fighting with photoshop

snottydog business cards
I spent hours the other day looking for a suitable template for business cards.  One that had crop marks or bleed marks, or just the right layout, and it needed to be A4 (for home printing), and none of them were what I was looking for.  It was driving me insane – considering all the free stuff available on the internet, I would have thought I would have been able to find what I was after, but no.

So, I did it all from scratch.  You can see the results of my labours above.  Ironically that wasn’t the hard part!  The hard part was laying out the spaces and the crop marks and rectangles to show where the cards will be.

So for those who use photoshop and who want to do some business cards, I’ve put the background layout on my website for you to download for free.  Just remember to turn the “eye” off on the grey rectangle layer before you print so it doesn’t show, and leave it on for the crop marks so you can see where to cut them.

Find it on my new website:

snottydog business cards


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