Getting ready for the craft fair…

cooling pads in packaging
I decided a couple of weeks ago that I would take the bull by the horns, and have a go at selling what I make, with the hopes that it will take off, and give me an income, and something positive to do when I am well enough to do it.  So I booked a table at a local craft fair.  Just the one, just to see how it goes, if I sell anything, and more importantly, see if my body will cope with it before committing to another one.

But that’s the good thing about doing craft fairs – you can space them out as wide apart as you need to!  I have to admit, I am still nervous as it’s been many years since I did a stall, and back then I was pretty much 100% fit and healthy.

So this week I have been packaging up the new stuff I have made, like the cooling pads, above, and sorting out props and business cards and wotnot.

One of the more relaxing things has been making these origami paper stars while I watch tv:

origami stars

They’re just something I came up with the other day to scatter on the stall to make it look a bit more interesting, and add into the packs to add another dimension and hopefully make people feel they are getting a well made (because they are) cared about (yep, that too), product, that will make them feel better (product testers so far have been positive – thank you testers!)

So if you are in the March (Cambridgeshire) area on Saturday the 1st of June, and you have a bit of spare time, come and have a look around the stalls at the Fen Fair in the Scout Hut next to Sainsbury’s, just behind the main shopping street.  There are several wares on sale, hand made soaps, watercolour paintings, hand made cards, jewellery (soutache and otherwise), and my new reusable cooling products!

Hope to see you there, but if you can’t make it, just keep an eye on my website: – it’s not finished just yet, but it will be soon, all being well.


6 thoughts on “Getting ready for the craft fair…

  1. Oh Darn it is this Saturday and as I will have done a stall myself tomorrow I am not sure I can make it. I thought it was next Saturday. Botheration and other words of disappointment. wishing you a lot of luck.

    Love n Hugs Scatty!

  2. Hi Louise – These look great – and I love the origami stars too! I bought a pack of origami paper (new from the charity shop but have never opened it up – you’ve inspired me to have a go).

    You may have already thought about this, but no doubt you’d sell more cooling pads if our summer weather was hot(!) but I’m sure there’s a market for them anyway especially for ladies who suffer from hot flushes (menopause symptoms) and they’d no doubt be useful for ladies (guys also) if they’re going on holiday to a hot country and need a little help cooling down! Or for ladies to put inside their pillowcase whilst sleeping (if they suffer from hot flushes at night).

    Hope you have lots of sales on Saturday (really wish I could be there).

    Hope you’ve received the beads and craft magazine with craft stall/selling hints and tips.

    Take care and all the very best for Saturday.

    L xx


    • Thanks, I appreciate that very much!

      I have received the beads etc, yes, thank you – they’re lovely, and I had my nose in the magazine earlier. I could have sworn I emailed you to let you know, but with the brain fog and being in a bit of a tiz about the craft fair, I might not have – I swear it gets worse – I have a phone number and name in my pad, but not the faintest idea who it is, or why I was going to phone them, and too embarrassed to phone and ask just in case they don’t know either, and think I’m totally nuts! lol The joys of illness, eh?

      I hadn’t thought about the pillow case – I will try that out myself, see how it works, thanks. 🙂

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