Casting on, the “thumb cross” method.


Casting on (5)


Just a quick one for today.  I went looking on YouTube for cast on methods, to see if there was an easier way than I was doing it.  And they seemed a bit more complex, to be fair.

So then I went looking to see if anyone was doing it the same way I was, and I couldn’t find one.  I figured I would do a video to show my technique just in case it wasn’t out there at all, and to show a different way that some people might find easier.

It’s just a simple single needle technique where, having put a slip knot on the needle, you loop the ball end of the yarn around your left thumb, and yarn over with the tail end, and bring the tip of the needle through the gap in the loops.  It makes way more sense to watch it, honest!

I can’t embed video here, so here’s the link:

If you do it this way too, let me know in the comments.  It would be nice to know I’m not alone!